Why Is There Negative Information Online About HealthMarkets® And The HealthMarkets Companies?


HealthMarkets strives to provide products and service to our customers in a manner that meets or exceeds their expectations. While we work diligently to investigate and resolve issues or complaints provided directly to us by our policyholders, it is impossible for the Company to address issues raised by individuals that choose to post anonymously on certain web sites, given the absence of contact information.

Since web sites that promote anonymous complaints against specific companies typically do not sell products or services, a concerned consumer might well question the motivations and business model of such web site.  In other words, “how does this web site sustain itself”?  Going a step further, one might also question the point of sites that claim to be “consumer advocates” encouraging consumers to publicly complain about companies on the one hand … then preventing companies from responding to issues consumers have raised … UNLESS the company pays a sizable fee to the web site.

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