HealthMarkets’ insurance subsidiaries utilize several methods to provide customers with detailed information about the coverage they have purchased, including:

  • Agents who represent our insurance companies must be licensed by the Insurance Departments in the states where they are selling our products and these agents must also complete standardized training that is developed and delivered by employees of a HealthMarkets’ subsidiary.
  • A product sales brochure is left with the customer by the agent at the point of sale.
  • When the coverage is issued, each customer is provided a copy of their policy which details the benefit levels selected as well as any limitations or exclusions.
  • Our toll-free customer service number is provided and our representatives can answer questions and provide detailed information regarding the customer’s policy and benefits.

Our goal is to always provide full information to any customer – at the time of the purchase or any time they may need it.

If you have a question or comment about a specific claim, please contact our Customer Care team at 800-733-1110.