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Thank you for visiting Truth.Healthmarkets.com. This site was developed to address common questions about information that has been posted on the internet about HealthMarkets® and its subsidiary insurance companies which include The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company®, Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee and The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company.

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HealthMarkets strives to provide products and service to our customers in a manner that meets or exceeds their expectations. While we work diligently to investigate and resolve issues or complaints provided directly to us by our policyholders, it is impossible for the Company to address issues raised by individuals that choose to post anonymously on certain web sites, given the absence of contact information. Read More


No. As detailed in the Multi-State Market Conduct exam report recently published by the Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner, the re-examination of the Company’s business practices was required as part of the Regulatory Settlement Agreement (RSA) the Company entered into in 2008. Read More